Conahan’s Driving School in Colorado

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Owners of Conahan’s Driving School

Mr. and Mrs. Conahan have been involved in driver education and driver training since 1970. They both have teaching credentials from universities in driver’s education. In addition, Mr. Conahan has a master’s degree from California State University at Los Angeles while Mrs. Conahan has her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Southern California. They opened Conahan’s Driving School in 1984 and have operated it since that time.

Our Instructors

We have several instructors providing our excellent programs. They are all certified by the state of Colorado to teach driver’s education. Some are high school teachers and principals, some are former police officers, and some are retired professionals. They are all trained by Conahan’s Driving School in our methods of instruction, our philosophy of teaching, and our high expectations so that we have consistency in our fine programs.

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To start your training today call us at 970-223-8900 for all our locations: Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley.


Conahan's Driving School

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