Get Answers to Your Questions about Driving Education in Colorado

Q: How old do you have to be to take driver’s ed?
A: 14 1/2 years old

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $495 for the classroom and behind-the-wheel program

Q: Do you give the state certified driver’s license test?
A: Yes, daily, for an additional fee – Please call (970) 223-8900 to schedule an appointment.

Q: What is the home study course?
A: It is a flashdrive of the 30 hour classroom course and a workbook that you may complete at home, and then you may do the six hours of behind the wheel with us after completion.

Q: What does the teenage program consist of?
A: The teenage programs consist of 30 hours of classroom plus 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

Q: Can adults learn to drive with Conahan’s?
A: Yes, we provide individualized instruction for adults to meet their specific needs. They may take as many or as few hours as they would like.

Q: How long do you need a permit before taking the driver’s license test?
A: Anyone under 18 years of age must hold a permit for 1 year before taking the driver’s license test.

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