Behind the Wheel Instruction

Students will learn many invaluable habits and concepts during their behind-the-wheel instruction. We highly recommend completing this 6-hour training early in the student’s driving career.

You must complete the full 6 hours to get your license at 16 years of age AND to qualify for insurance discounts.

We do offer the full 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel instruction for Private Students who have not taken our classroom course.

The following includes some of the things they will learn during this part of the instruction, however, they may also learn other skills that are not listed here:

  • Right and left turns in residential areas in traffic
  • Braking, stopping, and starting
  • Driving in straight/through traffic
  • Lane placement of the automobile
  • Instruments and controls
  • Curb and distance judgment
  • Changing lanes in traffic
  • Reverse straight
  • Blind intersections
  • Roundabouts and U-turns
  • Hill/Mountain driving 
  • Freeway driving
  • Basic mechanics
  • Parking in residential areas
  • Shopping center/Parking lot parking
  • Defensive driving

Image by alexandrehtc from Pixabay